James Ruiz

Account Manager

A first-generation Denver native, James grew with the city. In a state with a significant population of transplants, James’ upbringing provides a unique outlook on the local audience and market. To prove it, he can list all the names the football stadium has had since 2006 and tell you where to find the best tacos in town.

James has experience ranging from small business expansion to corporate business optimization, applying his creativity and pizazz to boutique settings and big-box retailers. His past lives have afforded him extensive knowledge in operations, public and client relations, and account management. Now he enjoys working closely with cross-departmental teams to foster growth and drive successful campaigns. At Prim + Co, you can find him utilizing his unique skillset to create meaningful relationships between brands and their audiences both locally and nationally.

After hours, James spends his time keeping up with his favorite housewives, doing burpees to the point of exhaustion, and spending quality time with his partner and two dogs. Oh, and sometimes he enjoys a night on the town with his friends, new and old.