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Let us tell you a bit about Prim + Co.

Prim (public relations & integrated marketing) is a small firm that allows for quick results. We forgo hierarchy for nimbleness to ensure that we get things done quickly in a competitive and fast-paced environment.

Our agency was founded on 15+ years providing in-house public relations and marketing to internationally celebrated restaurant groups, hotels and lifestyle brands. Our mission is to build an agile, scalable model that offers this expertise to businesses of all sizes. From household names in the lifestyle sector to first-time entrepreneurs with big ambitions, our clients come from many different backgrounds. What they share is a desire to provide world-class standards of service and leadership, and we tell their stories with attention to unique business goals.

The meaning behind “+ Co” is three-fold. It represents collaboration, communication and community. We’re dedicated to providing all three.

  • Collaboration

    Each project begins with gaining a deep understanding of a client’s business and brand. From goals and expectations to outside-the-box ideas, we welcome an active partnership. In the process, we get to know our clients as people and pride ourselves on working as a natural extension of their in-house teams. As one client put it, “We came for the expertise, but stayed for the people.”

  • Communication

    Our integrated communications strategy is a mix of media relations, digital marketing, social media, influencer programming and content creation. This proven, multi-channel approach cuts through the noise from competitors to help our clients’ messages reach their target audiences.

  • Community

    Prim is built on years of meaningful connections with the greater Denver area and coast-to-coast core markets. From tourism offices to event planners, professional groups to non-profits, we invest in creating and maintaining meaningful connections that help us identify unique grassroots opportunities and symbiotic partnerships for each brand.

The brands we serve center on six primary categories and receive full-time account managers who are experts in each respective field.


Travel & Destination

Well-being & Health

Consumer Products & Services


Retail & Real Estate

Beyond the surface of the individual and collective credentials that make up our successful Prim + Co team, we are a group of genuine, forward-thinking professionals who strive to deliver the absolute best results for our clients, not because we have to, but because it is truly what we love to do.