X Denver

As the first X Community to open in Denver, the occasion required a wide-reaching PR campaign that included hospitality, lifestyle, entertainment, real estate and business media. Strategies had to support the X Community brand’s status as a disruptor and innovator in the residential and long-term stay realm. Never before offerings including co-living suites, a private membership club, live entertainment, on-site restaurant, rooftop dog park and coworking area promised that the new concept would live up to its brand image in other markets.


Campaigns that spread the word about the unusual amenities would culminate in an opening event that would be photogenic and entertaining. Prim identified media, influencers and strategic partners to help share the news of this standout concept to Denver and its surrounding markets.


  • Denver-centric and open for public viewing, artist Pat Milbery was commissioned to design a 31-story mural on the side of the building’s exterior, making the piece one of the largest outdoor murals in the city.
  • Prim expanded outreach from general entertainment, dining and retail media to highlight standout moments at X Denver that told a more personal and memorable story. Media and influencers were invited to take part in a wellness workshop, cocktail class and opening event with inclusion of life music and entertainment.
  • Prim engaged business travelers and young professional groups through a series of engaging events and experiences at X Denver.
  • Prim maintained and established new relationships with influencers and creators to generate content and tap into a wide variety of audiences.


  • Pre-opening publicity included 34 media placements across print, online, radio and TV outlets.
  • Opening press resulted in 193,929,961 estimated media impressions equaling $1,769,851 in ad value.
  • The grand opening of the building was broadcast on all major Denver news networks.
  • Prim won a Gold Pick PRSA award in the real estate category for a media relations campaign
  • Projected occupancy rates surpassed goals, membership numbers surpassed goals, and food sales were continuing to trend upward throughout the opening campaign.