Audrey Gossett


Audrey has deep roots in Colorado. She’s a proud alum of CU Boulder and now resides just a mile from a South Denver house where her great-great grandmother lived when, instead of a garage, there was a “carriage” house and trollies running down Logan Street.

With a B.S. in Strategic Communications from CU Boulder’s College of Media, Communication and Information, Audrey was fortunate to start her career interning for one of her prior professors in event management and received additional experience working for the Ford Corporation and MKTG product promotion teams.

Just as the world was re-opening, a summer abroad opportunity presented itself and Audrey was off to France, a perfect locale for someone who enjoys creating art and where a motley crew of lifelong friends formed. At Prim, her penchant for learning about and engaging with new people and businesses is incredibly helpful when supporting our clients and their business goals. Audrey clearly enjoys employing her strategic communications skills on a daily basis.

Brinley, who she deems a “high maintenance” and demanding Bernedoodle takes up a lot of private time and joins Audrey on journeys around town.