Stephanie Whisenhunt

Content Creator

Stephanie has spent 15 years working as a visual storyteller. She began her career as a tv news reporter shooting her own stories, then moved into producing reality television shows and content for networks including Discovery, HGTV, The Weather Channel and NBC Universal.

While Stephanie’s initial experience was in video, she took that storytelling knowledge and transitioned those skills into still photography.  She specializes in food, headshots, branding and family photography. She uses her storytelling background to always think about what clients are trying to communicate with still images to help support their brand messaging.

We live in such a visual culture. Social media is a powerful and important space if it’s used well. Our clients have seconds to make an impression as someone scrolls through a social media feed, and good photography is a necessity to grab a potential customer’s attention to instantly communicate messaging. Stephanie is here to help you do just that.