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Spring 2018 Food Trends

Don’t get us wrong: We’re still in love with poké bowls, rustic pasta, pickling, fermenting, and anti-inflammatory turmeric in EVERYTHING, but we’re counting down the days until we get to sit on warm patios, sipping cool margaritas, while the vibrant spring fruits and vegetables start hitting our plates. The new crop of spring trends is right around the corner.


According to BBC Good Food, Mexican, Peruvian and Brazilian foods are going to be extremely popular this year. We’re not talking about beef and bean burritos with a generous smothering of green chili (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The new trend includes fresh and traditional ingredients like squash blossoms, ancho chiles, tomatillos and huitlacoche. The flavors are bold and vibrant and do not leave you feeling weighed down after eating. TAMAYO in Denver is the perfect spot to taste test this trend. Don’t miss the chili and coffee-rubbed carne asada and the huitlacoche & mushroom enchilada.


Working Americans are expected to do more and more each year. With the constant stream of emails and round-the-clock access from the boss, it has become extremely hard to cook a well-balanced (not to mention tasty) meal every night. Meal delivery services and kits are popping up all over the market to help with this daily struggle. According to Restaurant Business, the growing competition will spur restaurant menu innovation, such as travel-friendly fare and more heat-and-eat meals. Denver-based SupperBell has become our new favorite. Unlike most meal delivery services, there is no subscription required. You order as often or as little as you want. With options like slow braised bacon marmalade chicken and steak Oscar with asparagus and mashed potatoes, you may never lift a spatula again. Added perk: Chef Frank Bonanno is SupperBell’s culinary director – so you know the meals are going to be good.


We all know that seafood is an excellent source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids (not to mention tasty), but the fact of the matter is that our access to seafood is limited. If we want to continue to enjoy seafood, we must adapt to sustainable sourcing practices. Thankfully, Chef Bradford Heap has always sourced his seafood in a sustainable and ethical manner at Wild Standard in Boulder. In 2017, Heap began serving line-caught Alaskan king salmon overnighted from Yakutat Bay as a nightly special during salmon season. The quantity of salmon in each delivery is dependent on the fisherman’s luck and Alaskan weather. In addition to the salmon, all the seafood at Wild Standard supports sustainable sourcing practices. Heap is a firm believer in sourcing all his ingredients in sustainable, ethical and humane ways. If you’re in Boulder between May and September, we recommend stopping by Wild Standard for the nightly Alaskan salmon special and a glass of sustainable white wine.


Mocktail hour is becoming a thing now. If you’re a Whole30 dieter or still trying to stick with your New Year’s Resolutions and don’t want your social life to suffer, then fear not. Restaurants are starting to offer a bigger variety of mocktails on their beverage menus, using only premium ingredients. Amongst them is Larkspur Events & Dining in Vail. Larkspur’s culinary team has gotten onboard with this movement, from the ownership all the way down the ladder. They are committed to a healthy lifestyle and have been chosen by Whole30 Founder, Melissa Hartwig, to host a Whole30 approved dinner at their venue.  The events-based restaurant can curate beverages and dishes that are adaptive to every dietary need –tell your local mixologist to stir up a mean glass of limeade.


We all know to go with your gut, but do we really know how healthy our guts are? In addition to food digestion food digestion, maintaining healthy gut bacteria also aids in regulating our immune system to fight off acne, allergies, and even depression. Start your child’s nutrition off right with Fresh Start, where nutrition begins. Founders, Barclay and Randi Miller, had questions when their twins were ready to try their first foods. Thus, Fresh Start was born and committed to helping parents feed their babies and children the most nutritious, complementary foods that promote optimal health – including the development of a healthy gut microbiome. Their feeding philosophy is rooted in functional nutrition that is evidence-based and backed by science. Fresh Start sources products seasonally and locally so their menu selection changes with the seasons. And in partnering with another local meal delivery service, customers can place an order by 3pm and have their child’s ready at their door by the time they’re home, lightening the load for busy parents.

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